K12 Schools

Park Watershed has recently completed an Environmental Education Report: Learning How to Conserve and Revitalize the North Branch Park River.

Educational programming along the North Branch Park River has been the focus of our 2018 Р2019 project work. We welcome input from stakeholders along the North Branch Park River.  Contact us to schedule a meeting or presentation of our findings.

Park Watershed, and the North Branch Conservation Committee of the West End Civic Association is asking the City of Hartford to include one page stating the need for comprehensive environmental planning in its 10-year Plan of Conservation & Development.


Park Watershed, with area educators and Ct Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, hosted a Water Festival in October of 2018 to highlight unique conditions along the North Branch Park River. This was one of many learning activities held along the North Branch Park River. Contact  Mary Pelletier to learn about educational resources.

Park Watershed works in collaboration with K12 teachers and staff through learning activities that connect the school ground conditions to the regional and global natural environment. These learning activities included hands-on enhancement of school yard ecological habitat; nature trails mapping; drainage mathematical calculations needed to design-build rain gardens and other educational exercises related to urban-suburban watershed stewardship.

We conduct research regarding the availability of educational resources that focus on local and regional environmental conditions of the Park River regional watershed and the Lower Connecticut River. Recent projects include:

K-12 School Eco-type Map: K-12 schools that have notable environmental programs or locations along riparian corridors. A 2014 Google Fusion Tables Map by Trinity College students Shaina Lo and Veronica Armendariz with guidance from Professor Jack Dougherty