New England Landscape Futures

The New England Landscape Futures project supports future-focused discussions with citizens and professionals who are interested in the relationship between environmental conservation and culture. New England Landscape Futures (“NELF“) is supporting a Park Watershed partnership with Trinity College, Ct River Conservancy and Sustainable CT to explore how urban-suburban riparian corridors offer vital ecosystem service benefits that deserve increased protections.

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New England Landscape Futures Explorer

Strategic and comprehensive watershed planning is needed to protect and revitalize riparian corridors along the Lower Connecticut River. Sprawling 20th century planning often overlooked the impact of upstream development on downstream riparian zones. Now is the time to explore how woodland landscape fragments along inland riparian corridors offer aquatic arteries of ecosystem connectivity and community resilience. Contiguous forests, wetlands, and floodplains along waterways serve as essential wildlife and bird habitat and migratory pathways, and also provide valuable green infrastructure ecosystem services that benefit public health and mitigate damage from unpredictable precipitation.

For more information contact: MaryP (insert “at” symbol)
our project partners:
Ct River Conservancy, Lower River Steward, Kelsey Wentling
SustainableCT, Alyssa Norwood, Program Manager, Certification & Innovation  
Trinity College, Dr. Susan Masino, Vernon Roosa Professor of Applied Science