Trout Brook

Trout Brook –
There are a number of systemic concerns surrounding annual flood control maintenance of the Trout Brook and Piper Brook stream channels. While Park Watershed is aware of the problems, this organization cannot adequately address the issues at this time. However we may be able to provide testimony, and recommendations to strengthen natural resource conservation within high-density suburban neighborhoods.  Contact Mary

Examples of habitat loss due to development –
West Hartford Town Planning & Zoning Commission, which includes which the Inland Wetlands and Watercourse Authority, voted unanimously to deny the application to develop a 5.53 acre parcel west of Trout Brook owned by American School for the Deaf as submitted by Sard Custom Homes, LLC.  The topic was decided during the February 3rd monthly commission meeting held at West Hartford Town Hall.  Subsequently, developer filed an appeal. The neighbors had to hire an attorney in order to intervene. The Town decided to settle with the developer. Subsequently the forest landscape has been replaced with houses.

The proposed development of property west of Trout Brook as submitted and resubmitted by Sard Custom Homes, LLC, is opposed by residents living in the neighborhood surrounding the property as well as neighborhoods downstream. Park Watershed supports their conservation interests.

Environmental Conditions:
Environmental Review and Comments, December 18, 2013 an independent review prepared by Steven Danzer, PHD & Associates as requested by Town of West Hartford

Materials submitted in advance of the special TP&Z meeting:
Revised Development Proposal Plans, Jan 17, 2014
REMA Ecological Services, Jan 17, 2014
ASD letter of support, Jan 15, 2014
letters opposed to the proposed development
WH Town staff response

Note: Specific stream segment lengths are designated as impaired. Trout Brook segments designated as impaired are near I-84 where the stream bed has been replaced by concrete channels. The segment of Trout Brook that flows through American School for the Deaf property is listed as impaired on the current CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CT DEEP) list, click here to link to that Ct DEEP document. See page 71 for a description of Trout Brook segments that are listed as impaired.

Photographs of Trout Brook upstream and downstream of North Main Street, which were taken in autumn 2009, as part of ‘The Park River Assessment Program’. This stream survey program was supported by a US EPA Healthy Communities grant awarded to The Children’s Museum with Farmington River Watershed Association and Park River Watershed Revitalization Initiative as project partners. The complete 2010 Stream Survey Final Report and Map of Streams Surveyed summarizes the project work and findings.

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ASD neighbors hosted a community meeting on November 4th to address conservation issues.  38 concerned neighbors living near the ASD property, and residents of downstream neighborhoods attended the November 4th meeting in Town Hall Rm 422.  To connect with neighbors email <>

Concerned citizens ought to attend, and/or submit written comments:
c/o Todd Dumais, Town Planner
Town of West Hartford
150 South Main Street, West Hartford, Ct 06107
Attention: Town of West Hartford Planning & Zoning and Inland Wetlands and Watercourse Commission