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Park River regional watershed is 78 square mile watershed stretching east of the Metacomet Ridge to the Connecticut River
 extending across West Hartford, Bloomfield, and the City of Hartford; as well as the eastern third of Farmington, and parts of Newington, New Britain, Rocky Hill, and fragments of Avon, and Windsor. The Park River regional watershed is located within the Lower Connecticut watershed (HUC 01080205)

Our Vision –
By working with educational institutions, government agencies, non-profits and stakeholders throughout the Park River regional watershed, we can ensure natural assets, ecosystems and water quality of the region are revitalized and conserved for generations to come.

Park Watershed formed as a 501c3 community stewardship organization April 26, 2012 based on goals outlined in the North Branch Park River Watershed Management Plan, which was approved in 2010 by US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. The 2010 Plan, a “living document” follows EPA’s 9 Elements guide.

As a 501c3 organization, Park Watershed strives to address water quality issues throughout the 78 square mile regional watershed. The North Branch Park River sub-watershed is a 28 square-mile area that includes 74% of the Town Bloomfield’s land area, northern neighborhoods of West Hartford, and the northwestern neighborhoods of Hartford: Asylum Hill, Blue Hills, Upper Albany and the West End.

Through community engagement, scientific research and ecological revitalization, Park Watershed Inc., cultivates clean water and healthy urban environments within the municipalities of the Park River regional watershed. Community engagement includes educational programs in science, arts and cultural heritage, as well as environmental justice issues. Ecological revitalization involves habitat assessment and restoration, land conservation, green infrastructure design and transportation planning that will ensure civic responsibility for local water quality.


All waterways in West Hartford, as well as waterways in most of Newington, New Britain, Bloomfield, Hartford, and parts of Wethersfield flow into the Park River regional watershed, which flows directly into the Connecticut River. Densely developed, the Park River watershed is a rich, urban-suburban confluence of diverse cultures, history, politics, businesses, and arts. 21st century environmental progress depends upon revitalization of urban watersheds to ensure high-performance landscapes that provide ecosystem service benefits, and healthy environments that can meet the needs of our increasing population.

Although development has damaged the natural connectivity of the watershed, fragmented landscapes along streams can address the climate and biodiversity crises by providing considerable ecosystem benefits as well as habitat for vital wildlife and migratory birds.

The concept of Park Watershed emerged during research on urban watersheds conducted by The Ecological Cities that was funded by a National Science Foundation grant. The original website was funded by a 2004 grant award from the Watershed Assistance Small Grants program conducted in association with the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act.

The Park River Watershed Revitalization Initiative was formed in 2005 a project of the The Farmington River Watershed Association (FRWA). Project work included river-cleanups and stream surveys. The Park and Farmington River regional watersheds meet along the Metacomet Ridge. Drinking water for residents of the Park River watershed is drawn from MDC reservoirs located in the Farmington River watershed. These watersheds overlap across seven municipalities, and so are shaped by similar local land use policies.

Park Watershed recognizes that 21st century environmental challenges can be addressed through interdisciplinary collaboration. We welcome others to our diverse urban watershed stewardship network that includes teachers, artists, engineers, homeowners, students, lawyers, scientists, historians, and persons fascinated with local landscapes and water courses. Through project work, such as building rain gardens, we raise awareness about the benefits of green infrastructure, and demonstrate ways in which citizens can create healthy, beautiful natural places within urban areas.

Are you involved in a science, art, or cultural history, project about the tributaries of the Park River watershed ?  If so, or if you are interested in hosting a special presentation or volunteer service project, contact:
Mary Pelletier
MaryP (insert “at” symbol) parkwatershed.org

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