City as Living Laboratory

Mary Miss: City as Living Laboratory
Sustainability Made Tangible Through Arts 
is part of a national art action to increase the visibility of key points that can decode critical environmental issues. The artist, Mary Miss, emphasizes collaborative work with research scientists, planners, historians, municipal policy makers and area community groups.

As part of a 2011 Park Water Arts Eco-Arts Festival, Artist Mary Miss, created a one hour walk along the North Branch of the Park River, which reflected environmental points gathered from scientists and cultural heritage partners coordinated by Park Watershed. These points are included on the Blue-Green Map.

Park Water Arts:
Spring 2011 Festival of Eco-Arts
at University of Hartford, Humanities Center Events

City as Living Laboratory: Hartford/Park Watershed
exhibition and site specific installation
April 21 – May 29, 2011
Joseloff Gallery, University of Hartford

February 2012 – Trinity College – Mary Miss presented photographs from a 6 mile installation along the White River, FLOW, commissioned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art. This project, was developed in collaboration with over 25 art, environmental, community and governmental organizations. FLOW, was informed by the CaLL: Hartford 2011exhibition at the Joseloff Gallery and installation along the North Branch Park River.

These City as Living Laboratory, projects were presented at Trinity College, Feb 2, 2012  along with new images from Broadway: 1000 Steps, a major New York City public art installation and mapping project that stretches from Battery Park Urban Farm to  Van Cortland Park at 240th Street. Broadway: 1000 Steps, is a project that has progressively magnifies overlooked environmental conditions that condition our quality of life.